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About Us

With a background in Physical Education and a career playing at various levels of football, one thing has remained constant. Injuries and recovery. It is a cyclical process that all sports people and athletes endure, something usually born out of tight muscles or poor recovery practices. However, that all changed once I experienced the benefits of my first portable massage device in the process of recovering from an ACL rupture. Spending hours upon hours in the gym trying to strengthen surrounding muscles, I regularly came across painful muscles and longer recovery times. Since then, we have embarked on a journey to produce a powerful yet aesthetically designed device that will not only be convenient, but also one that added value to a person's life. We have collaborated with many fitness experts and enthusiasts to ensure our product provides the industries leading experience and sourcing the highest quality materials.

And so Recover+ was born, we are on a mission to help everybody take control of their own performance and reach their full potential by giving all individuals the products and knowledge they need to recovery effectively. 


I. Shaker